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Apr 9, 2016

We've Experienced A downTime On Our Site & the Fix Is Applied

To all users of Fairies Dreams & Fantasy:

We discovered our website has gone down at 12:00. We're not sure why our site; fairiesdreamsfantasy.com/ has experienced a downtime. We went to the support center to chat with a pro. We provided more info about our difficulties.

What the experts said; they found the problem with the plugin; Simple Ajax Chat. This plugin was defective because, it must've caused our site to go down. Here's what we just did to further resolve a problem with our site:

We navigated to our plugins directory, and deleted the plugin,--after we deactivated it from our site. Maybe this plugin has been left untouched for years.

Right now; this problem has been resolved. And our site is ready to visit, and signup.

Sometimes we have to get used with downtimes when our hosts have our sites in their servers under maintenance.

There are some reasons some sites may have a downtime:

  • Web-hosting companies often update/upgrade servers to enable faster performance for their sites. They change many units to keep their sites running smoothly. They change hard disks, memory, processors, and they often change circuit boards. Cause servers get hot in server rooms; they often run Air-Conditioners to keep their server rooms cool, even during the scorching summer days. There's no windows in a server room like most hosts who set servers to run in the dark environment. Most shared hosting has multiple sites in one server, maybe 1 site per disk.
  • Sometimes power outages can make your site go down. Power upgrades are necessary to make hosting run in low power.
  • Maintaining your server is kind of like home maintenance. Servers at home need to use dedicated power supplies to keep them going. Most web-hosts often use them to keep their customer's sites running.

Nov 28, 2015

Good News! Fairies Dreams & Fantasy has moved to our new site

I'm proud to announce our new site where Fairies Dreams & Fantasy has moved successfully to our new web-hosting service that is free of pollution. We moved to our new website: fairiesdreamsfantasy.com. The reason why we moved to our new website because, We're trying to get further control with our content. We chosen to move to Wordpress because, it's an open-source platform. However; we'll keep our older blog running.

Did you Notice we changed the Title of our older blog to Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Status? We're clearing these old and unviewed posts for making room for our status posts. That enables you to find out what's new with Fairies Dreams & Fantasy. for example; fixes to our content, site updates, new features that you never discovered before.

Our newer version of our site has the first ever features:

  • Removed footer ads, and replace it with a PayPal donation button. Why we implemented this button, so users can support our new blog to keep it going.
  • Relies on a light text on a dark background, just like our legacy blog. Our newer blog has this same format, but different.
  • Categories that are easy to setup, and we're still building categories, and topical tags to sort our web content.
  • Like our posts on this legacy blog, we imported them to make it easier for us to edit, and update older posts, such as Fairies Dreams & Fantasy (Main Story) gets some updates, and a makeover to our story. This is necessary for our site to have better content.
  • We've learned to use shortcodes to add function to our site, and we learned to use plugins to add functions to our site. Added Creative Commons Licenses to our posts to keep Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Free to Reuse.

We're still constructing our new front page. We're building the spotlight for some readers of our website to quickly enter our common topics of our blog. We've planned to offer premium content, butt premium content will be coming soon,--after we had finished our front page of our site.

We've cleaned up parts of our blog to remove unwanted posts, and pages to keep our site on topic. We tried our best to varify if our website is getting new visitors each day. But we have to restart from scratch.

We've also established our new Sitemap for some users who wanted to find some posts on our site. Our site Also has an updated Privacy Policy page, and a banner that notifies some users around the world,--telling them our site uses cookies.

Notable issues with Fairies Dreams & Fantasy on Blogger:

Fairies Dreams & Fantasy isn't able to install paywalls on Blogger blogs because, there's no way for us to built a paywall to hide premium content.

If our blog is deleted for spam, but our blog is not spam; that will be a disaster for some readers. We have to move to the new platform earlier as possible to protect our independence.

Like most free blogging platforms; they're subject to flaws, and limitations.

Please note:

All posts that were imported to Wordpress will be cleared from this blog,--so we can publish status posts for some readers who were wondering about our blog.

Jul 26, 2015

Applying DRM to your ebooks can pollute our environment? Yes will in my opinion!

Some authors didn't even understand. If you apply DRM to your books; you're actually causing damage to our environment. Millions of DRM-enabled ebooks can cause global warming to speed up, and cause our towns to be flooded by sea water. If you are an activist who care about saving the environment, consider turning off DRM for your ebooks. DRM-free ebooks are less likely to pollute our environment.

Applying DRM is not for me because, if you are applying DRM to your books; you're supporting dirty fuels, and you can produce millions of tons of carbon per day. It's kind of like blasting smoke from the coal-burning plant that is used to generate power. And you also support mining for coal, and removal of mountain tops,--causing our clean water supply to be unusable, and at risk of toxic damage,--caused by a coal-burning plant.

Almost everyone rely on DRM for protecting their content, but this form of protection can lead to damages to our planet. For example; drilling for oil in the cold section of our planet up north. Many people wanted to stop the drilling rigs from harming our vital environment for these amazing animals who lived in the super cold conditions.

Jul 25, 2015

What happens if I kept editing and updating my ebook & why should I let readers know about my edits to my book?

I've been studying lots of books what I read for a long time. And I decided to experiment writing my own books. I've been editing my books for the past months. It's always a good idea to fix problems to your ebook. Say if I published the another book that is in my series. And some of my customers has discovered some of my work needs to be edited, for example; they discovered some words that they don't want to read. I responded to this problem, and I respond to the customers' email messages. I had to go through my books, and remove potentially unwanted content. Whenever if there are bad words what they've discovered, or reference to some content that is not suitable for kids. I have to respond to them, If they had trouble with my content, and I'm not there at all; that can be a disaster.

Jul 21, 2015

What Should I write about in my fictional ebook?

Fictional stories can come in any form, but some fictional books are NOT suitable for children. Google Play books has implemented a policy to prevent young individuals from viewing unsafe content. However; Fairies Dreams & Fantasy has some fictional stories without any adult content. Although changes and updates can happen on this blog.

For the past months; I've been writing fictional books. I've written 4 books so far, but I'm editing them to update content for some readers, and that's very important for safety for customers.

Using your imagination when writing your books is kind of endless. But many authors had questions:

  • Can I write a book about mermaids, fairies, and other myth,--and make up stuff?
  • Can I write a fictional book that is a crime fiction, for example; copyright trolls that are harming our creative world, but super heroes can stop them?
  • Or can I write a fictional book, and include digital banners in it?

In some cases; there are some guidelines that you need to take a look of. If your ebook contains content that is not suitable; and your readers discovered something went wrong; that may lead you to have your ebook canceled, and land you in court.

Jun 8, 2015

Draft2Digital Ebooks & the Attack of the Pirates on Google Play Books

This is the post what Google Play Books don't want you to read! This post criticizes Google Play Books,--due to high levels of piracy. If you recently distribute your content to Google Play Books, stop where you are at as a stopping-point and read this post,--before you add more content to Google Play Books.

Mar 30, 2015

E-book Authors Should NOT Purchase Their Own Copy of Their E-books? Yes... They Should Not Do It In My Opinion

Some Authors didn't even understand! You should NOT purchase your own ebooks from the online store because, that's scamming their service. Especially if you're publishing your book on Draft2Digital, SmashWords, or any self-publishing services.

One problem is; they didn't setup built-in enforcement system to prevent authors from purchasing their own copies of their books. What if you are just minding your own business,--reading other books written by other authors, and you're about to purchase a book, your own content should be hidden from the writer's view, so the author doesn't purchase his/her own copy by mistake.

Dec 1, 2014

E-book Authors & the Earnings Issues

Some authors didn't even understand! It takes lots of time for your books to be discovered. But they're trying to startup their earnings stream, but they are doing it the wrong way. Although; I'm always editing, and writing new books on the web. Publishing more books after you are done writing a new one can take some time. Some authors can write 1 book up to a year,--depending on their book what they're writing.

Nov 26, 2014

How To Make Your Characters in Your Story Open-Source

For the past 9 years; I've been writing books,--before I had my new computer and going paperless. I've been writing books and creating my own characters in my story. But I decided to make my characters in my book, movie, or any other form of my creation open-source because, most of my books what I've write are also open-source.

I'll show you how to make your characters in your book open-source. But you have to be extra careful when doing this trick! One wrong move may lead you to serious problems.

Nov 16, 2014

Free E-books is the best way to start growing your audience

Starting with free-E-books is the way to start gaining audience who are finding some free E-books. Before you start monetizing your future E-books; you need to start off as free. Otherwise, your books won't be recognized by some readers who might want to read your book.