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Mar 30, 2015

E-book Authors Should NOT Purchase Their Own Copy of Their E-books? Yes... They Should Not Do It In My Opinion

Some Authors didn't even understand! You should NOT purchase your own ebooks from the online store because, that's scamming their service. Especially if you're publishing your book on Draft2Digital, SmashWords, or any self-publishing services.

One problem is; they didn't setup built-in enforcement system to prevent authors from purchasing their own copies of their books. What if you are just minding your own business,--reading other books written by other authors, and you're about to purchase a book, your own content should be hidden from the writer's view, so the author doesn't purchase his/her own copy by mistake.

Here are the reasons why you should not purchase your own copies of your ebooks:

  • You are an author who focuses on writing some more books for anyone who might be interested in reading your book.
  • The vendors are enforcing their policies to combat fraud, and other illegal schemes.
  • Some self-publishing platforms might implement policies in their terms to let authors know what not to do when publishing new content.

I never purchase my own copies of my work because, I rather focus on publishing some new stories. Writing takes lots of time, and it can take months, or even years for your books to be visible to some readers who are interested of reading your content.

If I were you; don't purchase your own ebooks what you've just written. It's considered cheating, and ripping off the vendors' ability to sell content.

Let's make my explanation simple!

Say if Eddy has published 44 books, and Rebecca published 50 books via their prefered self-publishing platforms to publish their books. Although; Eddy is so upset because, he has a small amount of earnings received each month,--estimated up to $25.00. He was so frustrated, he decided to investigate if his books are sold. He logs into his account to view his metrics. He only has 1 book sold so far.

At the other hand; Rebecca is proud because, she has the same amount of earnings. She saves it to her banking account to save up for a new home to purchase. She wanted to purchase a mansion that will help her large family get back together,--so they can live a better life. Rebecca checks her stats with her computer, and she also continues writing some new books. Rebecca likes organic earnings,--thanks to her careful writing skills.

Rebecca continues with her books what she's writing. She is the only person who is on the computer system,--where Eddy was at earlier. But he's still there. Rebecca: "Eddy, I'm aren't able to view some of your books,--due to DRM. I don't support using technological measures to protect my work. I prefer to go open-source." Eddy just giggled. He thought Rebecca is funny. Eddy: "DRM if fun for me. I prefer to support technological measures. I'm a meat-eater. Since you are so fueled up with veggies. You are missing out our family dinner. We're having steak with rice and peppers." Eddy starts to get on his computer, and view his metrics. However; Rebecca told him not to artificially inflate views on his books. She is so concerned about her work being artificially inflated with artificial views. She requested her desired self-publishing platform to implement this feature.

Earlier, she received mail from her self-publishing platform. This is the mail what she received:

To Rebecca,
Thanks for requesting us a feature, we're currently implementing a system that will prevent problems like this from happening.

Rebecca finishes her work on her computer. She has 2 more books to publish. Once she's done with her books; she can able to grow her readership with some readers who might be interested in reading them. But Eddy is just mad, he decided to gain readership with his way!

Suddenly, Eddy starts to go to the subscription-based ebook reading service to read his own books. He can only view his own content, and the subscription banner is still there. All of his other books are in his library. It said: "No need to subscribe, purchase, or lend your own books! Just read other books what other authors just published. You might be interested in reading some titles." This is necessary, that prevents authors who claimed profiles on this subscription-based online libraries from purchasing their own content. Well, your friends can read your books, and write reviews about it.

Although; the subscription service has prevented artificial inflation of views, and impressions. This feature is important to prevent him from purchasing his own content because, the purchase button is disabled,--with the following text: "No Need To Purchase Your Own Content!" Rebecca has requested this feature for many days,--after she published her content for the first time.

He goes to the another platform to buy some of the books, and tries to circumvent these policies. The admin of their site has discovered Eddy purchasing his own content what he just written! He just ripped off the vendors who are vending his content. And that's bad reputation. This fraudulent scheme is illegal, and you can be end up in trouble. Eddy just said: "This will help! I will share these copies to my friends who might be interested in reading my books." Eddy emails them all of his titles, and he starts to read other books written by other authors. He reads about fairies, mice, and even other books. Most books what he's reading are DRM-enabled but most DRM-enabled content requires a paid subscription. Rebecca's books are showing up in the cue system. Her content is totally organic,--just like her other books what she written for a long time.

Days went by; Eddy read over 22 books what rebecca just read. Rebecca discovered her books are being read by Eddy. Rebecca: "How many books what you read. Looks like you read lots of them. Your self-publishing account is about to receive a strike on the next few days." Ric replied: "My DRM content is my content. I have to grow some views for my work. I want some people to use proprietary software to read my content. I support these harmful copyright systems that are built to silence fair-use fairies." Rebecca was worried. She don't want anyone to be infected by Eddy's content. Rebecca: "I think it sounds like a bad reputation with your work. Sensoring fair-use is bad, and you can be end up in trouble. It's time for a copyright reform! And I'm boycotting these polluting treaties that are built to harm our creative world." Eddy continues reading other books as Rebecca continues writing.

Rebecca starts her new project. She starts to write a book about her imagination, riding a rabbit on a farm,--where veggies are planted. She sends an email to her grandparents who are trying to find her ebook online. Eddy is just reading like crazy. He often writes inbetween reading books. He writes lots of erotica for his audience who are the premium subscribers who are located in the another country.

Eddy spent some time reading his other books from other authors. But his friends has flagged one of his books for invalid sales. And the self-publishing platform is notified about this issue. Rebecca tried to warn him about this issue. But he didn't answer at all!

As he was done reading lots of books; he decided to go back to his self-publishing account to check his metrics for his book he varifies if he can log into his dashboard...

As he got there; he discovered his privileges for publishing his content with certain features has been revoked by the administrator who runs the self-publishing platform. He's been notified as he logged into his account. He's also been notified via email.

Take a look of the notice what he just received below:


To Eddy:

We have discovered you've purchased your own ebooks. We've also deducted your earnings by 25%;--due to invalid purchases, and sales of your published books.

We've also revoked your account's ability to publish new books to subscription vendors (not including already published books). That also includes enabling DRM, earnings higher than $200 (premium), advanced publishing features; such as publishing to mobile vendors, and content licensing fees manager.

Strike ID: 22.

Eddy received a strike on his account. However; Rebecca has condemned issuing strikes as unnecessary. But the self-publishing platform has listened to her so much.

Rebecca visits her self-publishing account to check for any errors. She discovered her books has been read by Eddy. This table shows you the example of her books that are read by viewers:

Total Books Read Total Earnings Notable Users who read your books Total Subscribers subscribed
5 Gross Earnings: $22.95 (starter) Net Earnings Pending
  • Annie
  • Branden
  • Carlos
  • Eddy
7 subscribers

Rebecca was so happy with her books what she wrote! She publishes DRM-Free books without any trouble.

Rebecca told Eddy not to purchase more of his own content what he just written. But Eddy said: "That's a myth!! Authors can extend sales of his/her content... their work rather." Rebecca: "Look what you are doing to our vendors at this store. You are ripping them off! And they wanted their money back. You have to focus on writing your own content." Eddy didn't answer. He was busy writing a long book without pictures in it. Eddy's account for his self-published books are held,--until his earnings are reversed. Rebecca can see the table online,--telling his books are held. But his artificial gain of subscribers has caused the problem.

Rebecca goes to the bank to save her money,--funding up her new mansion in the future. Eddy has growled at Rebecca: "So, you don't want to let your readers view your books that you're editing like crazy." Rebecca has already ran out of the door. She carries her check to the bank to fill her account,--so she can get her bills paid.

Eddy rides on his favorite wooden rocking camel. He starts to watch TV. But he's just busy listening to other books written by other authors.

Rebecca has came back from the bank, and continued publishing new books. She discovered Eddy reading lots of books. But she discovered something has gone wrong!

Eddy has severely violated the terms on a subscription platform for books. The operators didn't even receive money back from him. And they had to warn the self-publishing platform to monitor, and hold his account.

Although; he's waiting for his new books to be fully published. But it was taking a long time. He waited up to 1 month for his books to appear.

Rebecca has filed a problem with the self-publishing platform. And they responded to her report. Most likely; Eddy has became a scammer!

Suddenly, his self-publishing account has been disabled, he missed 2 notices, and he found a notice in his email account:

Dear Eddy,
Your self-publishing platform account has been terminated,--due to high levels of purchasing your own published online content. We've have taken legal action,--due to fraudulent activity, and scamming our services. All of your books are pulled from shelves. The local law enforcement has been initialized.

An individual who is involved in scamming our self-publishing platform is no longer welcomed to publish new content. We've also blocked your system,--preventing you from launching future fraudulent activities.

The law enforcement has arrived at his house. They arrested Eddy for scamming the self-publishing platform, and he's been involved in money laundering someplace.

He spent some time in jail,--before trial. All of the other people didn't even talk to him at all. They're just sleeping in their cells.

Eddy was taken to court, and he faces the judge. Many self-published authors has stared at him, and the judge has questioned him about his fraudulent activity. But his cover-up has been revealed! He's been in some group of copyright trolls who were involved in money laundering.

Eddy was guilty of scamming the self-publishing platform, and he was sentenced to 4 years behind bars, 1 year of community service... being an actor for a movie; and he's been ordered not to publish any content for the purpose to scam anyone online.

The lesson that you learned from eddy is: never purchase your own content what you've just published online.

It's bad to purchase your own written work what you've just published. If you just focus on writing more books, and publishing them, you might be discovered by people later on.

Why this is a problem?

Like placing web banners on your site for monetization; you are a publisher who is busy on writing content for readers who might be interested of reading it. Like most program policies; they govern the services,--that's very important for safety. But not all policies are fair, some are corrupted, and loopholes can be found.

Here are the problems what I discovered when Eddy in this story example,--focusing on publishing content:

  • An author can't buy his/her own ebook for any purpose because, he/she is the publisher who publishes content for readers who might read a book. But authors can view the excerpt of their content. For example; an author can check if the ebook is displaying correctly.
  • Subscription services implements the programming to prompt authors,--telling them they have no need to purchase your own books. That's very important for safety for both authors, and readers.
  • In some cases; your books are skipped when reading other books online, that's very important for safety for the subscription platform of any kind.

In my opinion; authors should avoid participating in any of these unnecessary schemes. If you caught someone artificially inflating sales to his/her books online; contact the admin of the self-publishing platform as soon as possible! Scamming the self-publishing platform is not a good idea.

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