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Jul 25, 2015

What happens if I kept editing and updating my ebook & why should I let readers know about my edits to my book?

I've been studying lots of books what I read for a long time. And I decided to experiment writing my own books. I've been editing my books for the past months. It's always a good idea to fix problems to your ebook. Say if I published the another book that is in my series. And some of my customers has discovered some of my work needs to be edited, for example; they discovered some words that they don't want to read. I responded to this problem, and I respond to the customers' email messages. I had to go through my books, and remove potentially unwanted content. Whenever if there are bad words what they've discovered, or reference to some content that is not suitable for kids. I have to respond to them, If they had trouble with my content, and I'm not there at all; that can be a disaster.

But some authors who are busy writing erotic books are just thinking something is not going to happen at all. but it will in my opinion! Since I write fiction for anyone. I varify if content what I'm creating is safe to consume. But some of the ebooks what I read online might have problems,--due to some authors who are in the rush, publishing a book. I'm not in the rush; I'm just having fun writing books like a champ. I often take long breaks, and go to my sites to write stories. But some of my work what I created from scratch are always open-source, but I only edit my book,--if necessary.

If you kept updating your ebook regularly; and you are cautious about your content, you can able to grow your audience overtime. But watch out for some young readers who are reading your books. You have to be extra careful when targeting your audience who wanted to read your books that are relevant to their ages. But I don't discriminate age because, it's not epical! But it's necessary to keep adult content away from the reach of the young readers at the library, or online books via subscriptions. Well, I prefer to be free of mature content that is bad for my creative reputation. That's why I stick with fiction for everyone of all ages. For example, I wrote book about fairies, and the magical quests. But my books are long as a movie. I know some longest books can take hours to read, some can take up to 6 hours to read. It's kind of like watching a long movie in a theater,--with intermissions. Longer ebooks can attract more readers. I prefer to write long books because, I dreamed writing a movie script once. And writing one can be difficult.

Since I lost my vision; i'm aren't able to write books in print, but in 2005; I started writing books in braille. But I only written them with paper, but they didn't made it to be published. And those are my first books with fairies in it. I prefer to write books about fairies, but I already established some stories what I written inside my book. Although; I read other books that matches my interest, and that applies to my fixed preferences. But most of the books at school what I used to go to has some books that are NOT suitable for some kids, and grades. For an example; a bible may contain text or even images that may be unsafe for some kids. According to ForceChange, there's a petition that is petitioning schools NOT to promote Christianity, but modern education without the gods. In my opinion; writing my own books is kind of like making a movie script. But someone at my school was saying: "Looks like you're writing a screen-play of some sort." Since I had to rely on big binders to keep my writing in order; that can also be challenging. I have to be so careful not to rip my book page when adding pages. But most of my braille pages are paper. That's the time,--before I had a computer to write books.

When I started writing books in the cloud; I slowly started to reduce using paper, and that's when I just started finding ways to publish my books. It took a very long time for me to find the right platform. I have to to read the terms carefully,--before starting my new publishing efforts.

If your ebook is extremely long, and you had 70 chapters in it; that can land your ebook to the next level. If you had a print book published, each copy can reach a maximum storage capacity in a library. That's why going digital can reduce use of paper, but ebook hosting servers tends to get larger storage overtime. They can have up to 10 to thousands of disks in one data center. Large ebooks can take up lots of disk space, and take a long time to download.

No author has reached 1 GB of disk space yet with his/her digital book just yet. But in the future, our disks will hold 700 TB of ebooks in one disk, if you had 100 of them, how many of the storage space you'll get? And you might need to get a large RAM for these servers,--so they can handle lots of computers around the globe. However; DRM-enabled content will be the same, but the server will take up lots of power to serve 1 book to each person. If you take 5 tons of carbon; that equals 1 DRM-enabled book. While DRM-Free books will take just 10 tons of carbon out of our environment.

By the next time you edit your books, think about your customers who are reading your content online, or offline; whenever they have reading devices,or not.

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