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Jul 21, 2015

What Should I write about in my fictional ebook?

Fictional stories can come in any form, but some fictional books are NOT suitable for children. Google Play books has implemented a policy to prevent young individuals from viewing unsafe content. However; Fairies Dreams & Fantasy has some fictional stories without any adult content. Although changes and updates can happen on this blog.

For the past months; I've been writing fictional books. I've written 4 books so far, but I'm editing them to update content for some readers, and that's very important for safety for customers.

Using your imagination when writing your books is kind of endless. But many authors had questions:

  • Can I write a book about mermaids, fairies, and other myth,--and make up stuff?
  • Can I write a fictional book that is a crime fiction, for example; copyright trolls that are harming our creative world, but super heroes can stop them?
  • Or can I write a fictional book, and include digital banners in it?

In some cases; there are some guidelines that you need to take a look of. If your ebook contains content that is not suitable; and your readers discovered something went wrong; that may lead you to have your ebook canceled, and land you in court.

You should always place a disclosure policy in your ebook's copyright page to let readers know what's inside your ebook,--ranging from affiliate links to banner ads. It's always a good idea to implement a disclosure policy just incase, and you might need to implement a privacy policy as well,--if your book contains banner ads,--or inbook ads.

Fictional ebooks are everywhere. But if your ebook is open-source, like mine; you're allowing others to reuse your ebooks. I'm currently editing my ebook The Magic of the Merry-Go-Round Creatures on the regular basis. I do all of the serious editing to my work. But most authors didn't even understand! I've learned lots of lessons from other authors' projects.

If your book is enabled with DRM; you're supporting legislations that are built to inhibit fair-use. Since I don't apply DRM to my work; I prefer Creative Commons for my content. If you reserved all of your rights to your book; it gets defective by design.

Erotic Fiction is design for adults only. But some authors are trying to stuff the categories to mask their erotic books. Since I don't write about erotica; I prefer general fiction for everyone.

If your fictional book has characters that you created yourself; they're your characters, but name them with caution. You had an option to create a wiki, or booklet that will describe each character, and develop them with enhancements. Well, I don't have any wiki sites at this time. Since I'm currently developing; It can take lots of time for me to finish up my work.

Don't promote paid links in your ebooks. That can lead you to serious trouble.

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